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We are a fully licensed and Insured Painting company with over a decade of painting experience. We specialize in: interior and exterior painting, pressure washing and staining of homes, decks and fences. We also offer refinishing of cabinetry in kitchens and baths as well as refinishing of staircases.

We employ an award winning fine artist who specializes in creating the Custom Mural of your dreams. Christian Frederick Nicklaus has his Masters of Fine Arts and is a showing gallery artist represented in Chelsea, New York City as well as in galleries on Long Island. Christianís mural work has also been featured on The Rachel Ray Show.

Treat your home like the work of Art it is; it is your greatest investment and asset. Do not settle for companies who try to nickel and dime you, and then tell you your expectations are not in the price. We are a company that believes in customer service and integrity of work. We aim to please and demand only the very best from our employees. We are available nights and weekends and strive to accommodate every customerís needs. No job is too big or too small.

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License #: 47432-H